Golchha Group – 100 Years of Trust

The Golchha Group, a trailblazing industrial conglomerate in Nepal, boasts a rich heritage spanning a century. Founded by the esteemed Late Shree Ramlal Golchha, a visionary philanthropist, the group’s journey commenced with the establishment of the Biratnagar Jute Mill in 1937, marking a historic milestone as Nepal’s first industrial endeavor. Since then, the Golchha family’s entrepreneurial spirit has propelled them to the forefront of the nation’s economy, fostering the growth of over 100 companies and leaving an indelible mark on Nepal’s industrial landscape.

Backed by a dedicated workforce exceeding 1700 employees and the unwavering trust of millions of patrons, Golchha Group has garnered a sterling reputation for itself. Over the span of ten decades, the group’s commitment to altruism has significantly impacted the lives of countless Nepalese, nurturing their aspirations and facilitating their journey towards success.

The group’s vision is anchored in becoming Nepal’s most reliable and forward-thinking organization, characterized by integrity, transparency, and ethical standards of the highest order. Central to its ethos is a profound reverence for the youth, recognizing their inherent potential and striving to empower them as the architects of a dynamic and inclusive future. Upholding customer satisfaction as paramount, Golchha Group pledges to prioritize their needs across all endeavors.

In a message from the Chairman, Golchha Group celebrates its century-long legacy while embracing a spirit of perpetual renewal and progress. By championing the cause of Nepal’s youth, the group endeavors to harness their ingenuity and vigor, thereby ensuring a prosperous tomorrow for the nation. Committed to maintaining its position at the vanguard of industry innovation, Golchha Group remains steadfast in its pursuit of creating enduring value for stakeholders and catalyzing economic growth nationwide.

As Chairman Mr. Shekhar Golchha aptly remarks, Golchha Group’s journey exemplifies the adage that true success is not achieved overnight but through years of dedication and perseverance. With an unwavering commitment to its core values and an unwavering focus on ethical conduct, the group’s narrative transcends boundaries, touching and inspiring lives across the length and breadth of Nepal.

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