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Himalayan Re: Elevating Nepal’s Insurance Landscape

In the dynamic world of insurance, Nepal has witnessed a groundbreaking development with the emergence of Himalayan Re, the country’s pioneering private sector reinsurance company. Established with a visionary mission, Himalayan Re stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability, offering essential reinsurance support to both Life and General Insurance Companies within Nepal and beyond its borders.

Capital Strength and Ownership Structure

With an authorized capital of NPR 21 billion (approximately USD 175 million), Himalayan Re boasts a robust financial foundation, reflecting its commitment to stability and growth. Its issued and paid-up capital of NPR 10 billion each (approximately USD 85 million) underscores the confidence placed in the company’s potential and underscores its capacity to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

The ownership structure of Himalayan Re further exemplifies its solid footing in the industry. With promoters’ share amounting to 70% of the paid-up capital, the company enjoys steadfast support from prominent entities such as the Golchha Group, Shanker Group, and Infinity Holdings, among others. These stalwart promoters, alongside leading financial institutions and commercial banks, collectively contribute to Himalayan Re’s strength and resilience.

Visionary Outlook and Mission Statement

At the heart of Himalayan Re’s operations lies a bold vision: to become the premier reinsurer of choice in the global market. Anchored by this aspiration, the company diligently pursues its mission of providing cedants and clients with unparalleled reinsurance capacity, innovative solutions, and risk mitigation products. Upholding professional standards of international acclaim, Himalayan Re strives to transcend boundaries and set new benchmarks in the reinsurance landscape.

Commitment to Excellence and Collaboration

Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, Himalayan Re remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering superior value to its stakeholders. Through collaboration and strategic partnerships, the company leverages the collective expertise of its promoters and stakeholders to address evolving market demands effectively. As a testament to its unwavering dedication, Himalayan Re continually evolves its offerings to meet the dynamic needs of the insurance industry while fostering sustainable growth and prosperity.

In conclusion, Himalayan Re stands poised at the forefront of Nepal’s insurance sector, embodying a spirit of innovation, integrity, and excellence. With a clear vision, robust capital structure, and unwavering commitment to its mission, the company is primed to carve a distinctive niche in the global reinsurance arena, elevating Nepal’s standing on the world stage.


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