Routine of Nepal Banda -RONB

Routine of Nepal Banda (RONB) stands as a beacon of reliability and authenticity in the realm of Nepali media. Officially registered as Routine of Nepal Pvt. Ltd. under the Company Act, 2063, and bearing Department of Information Registration Number 1766/076-77 in Nepal, RONB has solidified its position as a premier news media company.

With a robust presence across major social media platforms and a dedicated web portal at, RONB serves as a vital source of information for millions of Nepali citizens. The company’s focus spans a diverse range of topics, including holiday updates, essential information for citizens, entertainment, photojournalism, and citizen journalism.

What sets RONB apart is not just its comprehensive coverage but also its unwavering commitment to fostering a positive online community. The company maintains a strict policy against abuse, hate comments, and bullying. Individuals found engaging in such behavior are swiftly dealt with, ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all followers.

The audience of RONB comprises primarily of youths, with the age range typically falling between 16 to 32 years. These millions of young Nepalis turn to RONB for reliable byte-sized news updates, drawn by the genuineness and credibility that the company embodies. RONB’s dedication to delivering accurate and timely information has resulted in massive engagement from its followers, establishing it as a trusted source in the Nepali media landscape.

One of the key reasons behind RONB’s popularity is its focus on current events and educational news updates relevant to Nepal. Whether it’s political developments, cultural happenings, or educational reforms, RONB ensures that its audience stays informed and empowered with the latest updates.

In a media landscape often fraught with misinformation and sensationalism, Routine of Nepal Banda shines as a beacon of integrity and reliability. With its unwavering commitment to truth and its dedication to fostering a positive online community, RONB continues to be a trusted ally for millions of Nepali citizens seeking credible news and updates.


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