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Super Micro Computer, Inc., known as Supermicro, stands as a prominent American information technology company headquartered in San Jose, California. Since its establishment on November 1, 1993, it has solidified its position as one of the leading producers of high-performance servers, with a focus on efficiency. Additionally, Supermicro offers server management software and storage systems catering to diverse markets such as enterprise data centers, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, 5G, and edge computing.

Initially, Supermicro started as a modest operation with only five individuals, led by Charles Liang and his wife Chiu-Chu Liu. Liang, armed with a background in Electrical Engineering, played a pivotal role in the company’s foundation. Prior to Supermicro, he had significant experience in the tech industry, including serving as the president and chief design engineer of Micro Center Computer.

Over the years, Supermicro embarked on a journey of international expansion, establishing manufacturing operations in Taiwan and subsidiaries in the Netherlands. Despite some setbacks, such as a plea of guilt in 2006 related to violating a U.S. embargo, the company continued to grow.

In 2007, Supermicro made its debut on the stock market with an initial public offering, marking a significant milestone in its journey. Subsequently, it experienced substantial growth, with fiscal year 2023 revenues reaching $7.1 billion and a global workforce exceeding 5,000 employees.

However, the company faced challenges, notably allegations of server tampering in 2018, which it vehemently denied. Despite these controversies, Supermicro remained resilient, focusing on innovation and product development.

Recent years have seen Supermicro introducing cutting-edge products like the H12 A+ Superblade and partnering with industry leaders like Rakuten Symphony. Moreover, its commitment to environmental sustainability is evident through initiatives like liquid-cooled servers, aligning with ESG policies.

Supermicro’s corporate headquarters, housed in the Supermicro Green Computing Park, reflect its commitment to innovation and sustainability. The campus, located in North San Jose, has undergone significant expansion, showcasing the company’s growth trajectory.

Despite challenges and controversies, Supermicro’s trajectory remains upward, evident from its inclusion in the S&P 500 index and its consistent efforts towards technological advancement and corporate responsibility.


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I Phone 15 Pro Max Review


The iPhone 15 Pro Max promises significant improvements over its predecessors, boasting excellent battery life, enhanced comfort, and a powerful camera system. With advanced features like Dolby Atmos and Apple Log, it aims to deliver an unparalleled user experience. However, concerns linger regarding Apple’s tight control over the App Store and its implications on user freedom and pricing fairness.

Review Summary:


  • Excellent battery life and improved comfort.
  • Enhanced camera system with 5x Optical telephoto and 48-megapixel photos.
  • Convenient USB-C port and seamless iOS integration.
  • Advanced features like Dolby Atmos and Apple Log.


  • Some users may not fully utilize advanced features.

  • Concerns about Apple’s control over the App Store impacting user experience, pricing, and developer revenue.


The iPhone 15 Pro Max offers notable improvements in performance, camera capabilities, and user experience. While its advanced features may not be fully utilized by all users, it remains a top choice for those seeking cutting-edge technology. However, Apple’s control over the App Store raises valid concerns, highlighting the need for greater transparency and fairness in the digital marketplace.