Gurkhas Finance Limited -GUFL

Overview: Gurkhas Finance Limited (GUFL) is a prominent finance company within the Nepalese Banking Industry, boasting 27 years of successful operation since its establishment. With 26 branches, 1 extension counters, and 6 ATMs nationwide, it has established a significant geographical presence and caters to various clientele segments, with a customer base exceeding 90,000. The company aims to facilitate growth opportunities for its customers, businesses, and economies, thereby assisting individuals in achieving their aspirations.

Mission: The mission of Gurkhas Finance Limited (GUFL)is to become a reliable and outstanding finance company by earning the trust of its customers. This entails prioritizing customer confidence and satisfaction in all aspects of its operations.

Vision: Gurkhas Finance (GUFL) Limited envisions itself as the premier financial institution in Nepal’s financial sector, distinguished by its prompt and seamless service delivery to its valued customers. The company aims to set the benchmark for excellence within the industry.


  1. Modern Financial Products: Continuously innovate and introduce modern and contemporary financial products to serve the evolving needs of customers.
  2. High Return for Depositors: Provide competitive returns to depositors to maximize their satisfaction and trust in the institution.
  3. Competitive Borrowing Rates: Offer competitive lending rates to borrowers, ensuring accessibility to financial resources.
  4. Customer Counseling: Provide appropriate counseling and guidance to customers in need, facilitating informed financial decisions.
  5. Quick Service: Maintain a policy of quick and efficient servicing to enhance customer experience and satisfaction.
  6. Social Responsibility and Transparency: Uphold social obligations, transparency, and trustworthiness in all dealings, establishing the company as a responsible corporate entity.
  7. Contribution to Economic Growth: Actively contribute to national economic growth by fostering financial inclusion and supporting business initiatives.
  8. Maximize Shareholder Wealth: Aim to maximize shareholder wealth through prudent financial management and strategic decision-making.
  9. Regulatory Compliance: Adhere to all regulations and policies set forth by regulatory bodies to ensure legal and ethical business practices.
  10. Employee Development: Provide a conducive and challenging work environment that fosters learning, growth, and career advancement opportunities for employees, thereby ensuring a motivated and dynamic workforce.

By aligning its operations with these objectives, Gurkhas Finance Limited (GUFL) aims to consolidate its position as a leading finance company in Nepal, while simultaneously fostering trust, growth, and prosperity within the communities it serves.



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