Sarbottam Cement Limited

Sarbottam Cement Limited (SARBTM) has established itself as a leading player in the Nepalese cement industry since its inception in 2010, commencing operations in February 2014. Headquartered at Neupane Tower, Tinkune, Kathmandu, Sarbottam Cement’s factory, located approximately 240 km away from Kathmandu in Sunwal, Nawalparasi, stands as one of Nepal’s largest cement manufacturing facilities. With an authorized capital of Rs 4,000 million, Sarbottam Cement boasts a cutting-edge European production line and is renowned for being the pioneer in utilizing a Vertical Roller Mill (VRM) for cement production, thereby reducing energy consumption by up to 50% and significantly lowering carbon emissions.

The company’s commitment to eco-friendly practices makes it the first Nepalese cement manufacturer to produce “green” cement, contributing positively to environmental sustainability. Leveraging mines in limestone-rich areas of Palpa and Chitwan districts, Sarbottam Cement secures high-quality raw materials, ensuring the delivery of premium-grade cement to its customers.

Recognizing the critical role of cement in earthquake-prone regions, Sarbottam Cement emphasizes strength and quality, prioritizing customer trust and satisfaction. The company’s mission revolves around delivering the highest quality cement in the Nepalese market, while its vision is centered on ensuring complete customer satisfaction through unwavering adherence to values and a forward-thinking approach.

Sarbottam Cement’s dedication to excellence, coupled with its commitment to environmental stewardship and customer-centric values, positions it as a leader in Nepal’s cement industry, poised to drive sustainable growth and innovation.



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